Warming Your Winter with Firepit Logs

May 12th

Firepit logs – Clean your fireplace, open the flue and save on your winter heating expense by starting a fire in your home’s fireplace. Place fireplace grate in the middle of the fire pit, away from the walls of the fireplace and fireplace screen. Position blocks of wood on the fire grate first. Place on top of them two medium pieces of wood parallel to the first pieces and long intervals.

Add a few pieces firepit logs of kindling and tinder to get the fire started. Place another medium piece of wood parallel to the other two, above the middle, but leave an air gap between it and the wood underneath to prevent suffocation of the fire. Build your fire log installation when the fire begins to take off. Add two large pieces of wood across the top of the tree in a perpendicular orientation. Leave a space between the two pieces of wood.

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Add another layer of medium to large tree trunks at the top, at right angles to the last layer. Add more wood for the fire sign installation as the bottom layer burn out. As the first layers of large logs burn like hot coals, keep the fires going by adding new pieces of firepit logs on top.

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