Unique Himalayan Salt Lamp

Apr 1st
Blue Himalayan Salt Lamp Ideas

Himalayan salt lamp is simply large pure Himalayan Salt pieces with a small light bulb inside. It can be solid salt pieces or decorative baskets that filled with large salt crystals. Making sure that it is a pure Himalayan Crystal source is important and not only a cheap rock salt imitation. The Himalayan salt lamps are made of food grade that pure with Himalayan salt crystals. They can even be powdered to use as real salt in food recipes if needed. Negative ions occur often in nature more and Himalayan salt lamps are often created by things like sunlight, waterfalls, lightening storms and ocean waves.

People feel fresh and renewed right after the storm and after at beach, this is exactly what happened that caused by the salt. Electronic devices like TVs, computers, microwaves, and even vacuum cleaners produce positive ions and often exacerbate issues like stress, allergies and sleep trouble. Negative ions like produced by Himalayan salt lamps can neutralize them and help cleansing the air.

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The unique combination of a light source and salt in salt lamps are what causing the useful negative ions. Salt is hygroscopic which means it attracts water and quickly evaporates due to the small heat amount from the light source. This is also exactly why salt lamps tend to sweating and look wet in humid climates. This evaporation process generates the negative ions for sure.

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