To Cook in a Wood Firepit Pizza Oven

May 29th
Stone Firepit Pizza
Stone Firepit Pizza

Firepit pizza – Before gas and electric stoves and ovens, many homes use wood stoves as their primary source for cooking and even, sometimes, to heat. Americans are once again looking at the wood-fired ovens for bread and pizza because they give a flavor you can’t get gas or electricity. Wood stoves are still manufactured today. And you can order them from specialty catalogs that Lehman’s Hardware and Cumberland General Store.

Build a fire in the stove’s firebox at least one hour before you plan to cook. Use a mix of small batches and split hardwood, such as maple, hickory or apple wood. Place an oven thermometer in the oven part of the stove if your model doesn’t already have one on the door of the firepit pizza. Fire is going, add chopped wood needed to fire to get the oven to the desired temperature.

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Place the dish you want to prepare in the firepit pizza when it reaches the right temperature. For example, if you are cooking a roast at 325 degrees, wait until the oven is hot. Keep an eye on the oven thermometer under the recommended cooking time. Add wood needed to keep the temperature within 10 degrees of the ideal.

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