The UVB Lamp Types

Apr 30th
UVB Lamp for Animals

UVB Lamp emits an ultraviolet light spectrum with 290-320 nanometers wavelengths ranging. This spectrum is commonly also called the biological spectrum. Due to the human body’s sensitivity especially to light of such as wavelength, the lamp is created. UV-B light does not make the skin to tan very much in comparison to the UV-A lamps that usually used in tanning beds. There are types of UBB lamps available on the market to become your inspiration when about to buy one. Two available lights, they are narrow-band and broad-band. The broad band is also called as wide-band, or just “UVB”.

Narrow-band UVB lamps produce radiation of nanometer wavelength in 311-313, with 312 peak nanometer wavelength. What makes it called as narrow V|UVB lamps is because of the narrow 2 nanometer spectrum (311-313). Broad-band UVB lamps produce radiation of 290-320 nanometer wavelength, with a peak of 306 wavelength nanometer. Well, this one can cause risk of cancer.

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Narrowband UVB lamps only require 20 times higher dose to cause skin redness. That means that the chance that the UVB light in burning the skin is much lower. Especially when it comes to the older broadband UVB lamps, they can do easy to burn the skin. In simpler words, the narrow band UVB lamp is much safer to use that the broad band.

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