Special Metal Halide Lights

May 17th
Custom Made Metal Halide Lights Aquarium

Metal Halide lights are specifically designed for indoor growing operations. The bulbs are essential during the vegetative plant life state. The wattages of the bulbs are ranging from 250 to 2000 watts.  They deeply need igniters, ballasts, capacitors along with power supplies to effectively operate. Metal Halide Lamps emit a sodium light spectrum with 290-320 nanometers wavelengths ranging. This spectrum is commonly also called the biological spectrum. Due to the plant’s sensitivity especially to light of such as wavelength, the lamp is created. Metal Halide light does not make the plants to dry and usually used in growing plants indoor.

Metal Halide lamps produce radiation of nanometer wavelength in 311-313, with 312 peak nanometer wavelength. What makes it called as Metal Halide lamps is because of the high pressure sodium lights. Metal Halide lamps produce lighting of 290-320 nanometer wavelength, with a peak of 306 wavelength nanometer. Well, this is a good thing for plant growing.

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Metal Halide lamps only require 20 times higher dose to cause plant good growth. That means that the chance that the Metal Halide light in burning the plant is really less. Especially when it comes to the Metal Halide lamps, they can do easy to support the indoor gardening. In simpler words, the narrow band Metal Halide lamp is much safer to use that the broad band. There are types of Metal Halide lamps available on the market to become your inspiration when about to buy one. Two available lights, they are applicable for indoor and outdoor.

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