Special Ideas Drought Resistant Landscaping

May 31st
Urban Drought Resistant Landscaping
Urban Drought Resistant Landscaping

Drought resistant landscaping – When we talk about gardens , all we associate this idea to a green place with flowers that makes us happy and relax spirit. In fact, it is proven that most relaxing color is green; hence it is used in operating rooms, clinics recommended by neurologists and relaxation. Inevitable also speaking of green referring to a garden, it is to talk d lawn, which within a garden always will give a touch of spectacular life.

Currently, droughts, water scarcity and high temperatures caused by climate change have forced to open new alternatives to lawns and meadows: drought resistant landscaping. Case of gravel, bark, plants coverts. Still, with all these “inconveniences” no why give up lawn, or even reduce it, provided we know well their types and water needs.

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It is clear that there are plants that can be resistant to high temperatures such as those usually found in summer but not resistant to drought or lack of water. Opposite is also true, there are plants that resist water shortages searing however as there are very high temperatures. If we talk about those plants drought resistant landscaping summer but need plenty of water, we cannot fail to mention Petunia in its great diversity of colors that gladdens summer no matter who has extremely hot days.

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