Powerful High Pressure Sodium Lights

Apr 6th
High Pressure Sodium Lights vs LED

High pressure sodium lights have high intensity discharge that produces compact yet powerful light source. HPS bulbs are available in different strengths and different quality that indeed optional according to your needs. A typical HPS with 400 watt bulb puts 100 lumens power per watt out. Lumen is the universal light intensity measurement. HPS bulbs emit powerful lumens in more amounts per watt than the other available HID bulbs. Well, it totally depends on its strength since the lifespan of HPS bulb could last 12,000 to 24,000 hours. This light bulb kind has several applications that quite practical and usable both outdoors and indoors.

HPS lights are used mostly in outdoor settings. You can also use them in indoor settings perfectly in many different situations like lighting applications of industrial and security. So many companies and warehouses use HPS lights to keep their property areas to be well lit. The HPS bulb lighting produces bright illumination that makes it a good choice for the purpose of security lights. They are perfect in areas with vital visibility. This lighting kind is also used commonly in highway, street lights and roadway because of the ultra long lifespan and high efficacy.

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H pressure sodium lighting fixtures are widely applied in various outdoor situations especially gardening. The light bulbs amazingly emit light in the spectrums of orange, red and yellow. They are surely ideal to encourage flowering in plants. Greenhouse is for sure best to have these HPS lights. Mercury is also contained by the HPS lights which indeed a very toxic element. This means that you should have to make sure about careful handle.

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