Part of Folding Picnic Table Bench

May 1st

Folding picnic table bench – Made of plastic, wood or aluminum folding picnic tables are designed for comfort, function, durability and storage. A single fold picnic table can serve as a bench or a table. However, it will look like one half of a traditional picnic table. Therefore, two sets of folding picnic table placed together in the position table is needed to form a traditional picnic table.

First basic part of folding picnic table bench is counter top, in a flat keel serves as a table. But once released from the locked or upright position, and turned down, it serves as a bench seat back. If a locking system is present it will have two locking pieces attached to the underside of the table bench at the opposite ends. Two of these folding bench pieces, when put back to back and in position tabletop form a standard picnic table with a top and two benches.

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Arm supports at each end of folding picnic table bench, together with a table support piece perpendicular, provides the support frame connecting the table bench to the unit. Each folding picnic table has a pair of front legs and a pair of rear legs. The legs are attached to the bench (front and back). They fill the frame of the table and support bench.

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