How To Make Drum Lamp Shades

Sep 30th
Pottery Barn Drum Lamp Shades
Pottery Barn Drum Lamp Shades

How To Make Drum Lamp Shades – Drum lampshades are circular shades with no top and no bottom. They get their name from the fact that they look exactly like the instrument with the top and bottom cut off. Drum lampshades can sometimes be hard to find, so the only option for those who want them is to do. Making a drum lampshade is a quick project that also lets you choose colors and fabrics to compliment your decor.

To make drum lamp shades the first Place the end of a measuring tape on a metal lampshade rings and wrap it around the ring to measure the perimeter. Add desired fabric on a table and use the measuring tape to select the length of fabric pen. Cut fabric along pen lines using scissors. Add ground material flat on a table so that the protective paper covering is facing up.

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Starting make drum lamp shades at one edge of the outer and add your chosen fabric on the edge with the finished side facing up.  Cut the excess backing away from the fabric with scissors. Turn the fabric so that you have the support upwards. Place a metal ring at the edge of the fabric in the middle of the band. Place the other metal ring at the bottom of the fabric in the middle of the second piece of tape. Place another piece of tape just below the last end of the fabric where it overlaps the other end. Press the tape over the other edge to secure the lamp shade in place. Fold the top and bottom edges of the fabric over the metal ring and press down with your fingers to finish the drum lampshade.

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