Ideal Outdoor Wood Bench Types

May 5th

Outdoor wood bench is a versatile choice. Commercial park benches for sale can be bought online. They can be modern, contemporary or rustic depends on you. Wood materials to build outdoor benches are teak, cedar, pine, cherry, eucalyptus and birch. Depending your personal taste and budget, choose the kind of wood to become outdoor focal point.

Why thinking about garden bench for sale if you can DIY outdoor wood bench. Yes, just like storage benches for entryway or bed benches with storage, you can build one with a woodworking skill. There are free plans to learn in how to build an outdoor bench made of wood.

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Outdoor Wood Bench Designs

Each kind of wood has its own particular finishes. Wood tends to decay through times. This means about protection so that to long lasting and still beautiful after many times. When it comes to teak wood, this kind looks very unique and aesthetic if exposed by heat of the sun and cold of water. Rustic look is featured with warm and inviting atmosphere.

However, modern outdoor wood bench is very popular too. Modern designs feature custom shapes with features such as storage. With backs or backless wood outdoor bench, the decision is yours to make. If you love to spend many times on the bench, with backs will make the right choice. Today, combinations of different materials are also popular. Iron and wood outdoor bench can be in antique, contemporary, modern or vintage. Color and finish determine it.

Iron and Outdoor Wood Bench

Iron is mostly dark that versatile to be combined with any kind of wood. The iron can be as material of the backs, ends or legs. However, cedar wood is always most popular choice because of several reasons. Environmentally friendly, resistant to decay, weathers and insects make cedar wood an ideal choice for outdoor furniture. There are different kinds of cedar wood too. They are western red cedar, northern white cedar and plain cedar. All three of them are amazing to combine with iron and form benches.

Versatility of both iron and cedar wood to become materials for outdoor benches makes them best. Well, just get the ideal outdoor wood bench that meets all of your needs, requirements and budget.

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