How to Install Dimmer Light Switch

May 24th
Dimmer Light Switch Circuit Diagram

Dimmer light switch can be installed by yourself but average beginners are not recommended to apply DIY for safety reasons. If you think that you cannot do it yourself in the installation of dimmer lights, then hiring professionals will be just great. The process will be fast and secure for sure. But I will review about the step by step in how to the installation of dimmer lights. These how it goes if you want to do the installation by yourself.

First of all, safety first – Whenever you are about to start the project, make sure put safety as the main priority to keep in your mind. You should have to turn off the power at the fuse box or main circuit breaker. Place a tape piece over the circuit breaker switch as a mark that the switch is not yet should be turned on. Before you are starting to replace the old light switch, please double check to make sure the light switch by turning it on and off for a safe use to proceed. Second of all, replace the switch by using a screwdriver. You can remove the screws on the old faceplate of light switch. When the faceplate is removed, make sure to test the switch so that to show you that volt meter does not indicates live electricity. Remove the two screws on the light box and then pull it out about a few inches for room to make the change. Then remove the wires from the light switch back by using needle nose pliers as a completion to this step.

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Third of all, make the connections by placing a wire nut on the exposed ends. As additional protection, you can simply the wire nut wrapped by using electrical tape. The dimmer switch is always with green ground wire that has to be connected to the white ground wire. It is coming from the wall directly to the green wire that is located on the dimmer switch. Just place a wire nut on these along with some electrical tapes.

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