How to Build a Woodworking Bench

Apr 9th

Woodworking bench can be built by yourself following easy steps. Work benches for sale are many but building your own wood workbenches is a great experience. There are traditional woodworking bench plans to learn or customize and apply based on your needs and tastes.

To prepare a DIY woodworking bench, you will need all required items like woodworkers vice that you can get at Grizzly Tools. There are many options of wood vise for sale to become a completion to your work bench plans. Do you want to build a professional work bench? Designs of Harbor Freight and Sjobergs are wonderful to copy or you can even add your own customization.

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Woodworking Bench Building Steps

  • 900mm long and 98x98mm square cut of the legs are first to be made.
  • For both of the rails’ bottom and top, the housing joints should be cut. Use a circular saw to cut approximately a few 12mm lines apart from one to another. The woodworking bench top housing should be 148mm and 90mm for the bottom. Make sure both of them have 40-40mm of depth.
  • The side rails are to be cut to precise length and then bolt them right into the housing joints. This is meant to make sure about all are squared up perfectly. When the frame is to be bolted, drill it through both legs and rails.
  • All nuts are to be tightened and ensure it is stable without any rock at all. You will want the work bench sturdy.
  • Use 4 corner brackets to secure the shelf on the bottom. To cut out the brackets, a miter saw will do it. Make sure to do it at 45 degrees and then use screws to secure them in the right place.
  • The correct length of the bottom shelf should be made to fit well inside the table. Cut out of place where you want the legs to be positioned and then have the bottom shelf screwed into place.
  • Slat pieces are joined together to comprise the table top. Make sure to have them cut to length and use a nail to keep them in place as should. After getting the desired slats in place, screw them to the frame securely.
  • Woodworkers vice or bench stop should be fitted. It is an important tool which holds work pieces and projects in place. Determine where to place it, make the holes and then use bolts to fit it.
  • The last is yours to decide whether to have the woodworking bench to be painted or varnished.

Building a wood working bench can be a tiring but fun to do in our weekend. You need a woodworking skill so that able to build one. If building one work bench is too much for you, then there are options of used woodworking bench for Sale online.

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