Egress Window Wells Installations

Aug 11th
Wonderful Egress Window Wells
Wonderful Egress Window Wells

Egress Window Wells Installations – An egress window installed in your basement wall will add an additional starting spot. Because the most egress window will on below ground level, they need a window well. This window well must be large enough for a person to easily get into or out of the output window. .

Dig a hole in front of what will be the output egress window wells mode. Save some of that dirt will be used as backfill for your window well. Lower the window frame well in the hole. Place a 4-foot level of the upper edges of the frame and adjust the frame needs. Mark the screw holes on the base and remove the window frame well. Drill holes through the screw whole marks. Drill pilot holes slightly deeper than the length of the wall anchor you will use.

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Push the wall anchors in each pilot hole to install egress window wells. Run a bead of silicone caulk along the window frame flanged ends well. Lower frame in the hole and line up the screw holes with wall anchors. Complete the installation of the exit window. After installing the window, add 6 inches of pea gravel in the window well and around the outside edge of the frame. Backfill the window well outside edge with the soil you removed in Step 1. Close the egress window well with a suitable cover to keep moisture out of the well.

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