Edison Light Fixtures Lamp

Aug 2nd
Edison Light Fixtures Image
Edison Light Fixtures Image

Edison light fixtures – edison incandescent lamp or incandescent bulb has been the most widely used electrical invention by man until now. Although the creation of the incandescent bulb is credited to Thomas Alva Edison, the origin of this invention it is earlier, and has undergone several significant changes for more than two centuries. Who invented the light bulb? Why Edison was so important in the development of the incandescent lamp?

The history of the incandescent light bulb has been marked by endless patents, even some of them were registered 50 years before the patent would perform Edison.
The first time it appeared the term “incandescent lamp and edison light fixtures” was in a scientific article in 1840 describing an experiment by the British chemist Davy Humpy. Davy’s experiment was conducted in 1802 and consisted of electric current through a platinum wire attached to two copper wires inside an inverted bowl.

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The physical phenomenon that caused creates light in an incandescent bulb has not changed: the thread or filament (platinum in this case) is heated by Joule effect, achieving such high temperatures which begin to emit visible light, edison light fixtures. Edison’s contribution to the incandescent lamp, Meanwhile, Edison worked to improve the original Swan patent, trying to make them more efficient. Creating a total vacuum in the bulb of the bulb, the life of the incandescent lamp increased to 40 hours compared to 13 hours lasting bulb Swan.

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