Do It Yourself – Firepit Stone

May 22nd

Firepit stone – Select a location for the fire pit that is approximately 18 feet in diameter and rather flat. Do not build over a septic tank, drainage or sprinkler lines. Firepit can be made of natural stone, quartz stone, firebrick or paving stones. Choose stones that have relatively flat sides for face stones (those that form the wall) and smooth, rounded stones that “cap stones” for the top row.

Spray-paint to make a circle firepit stone with a 9-foot radius. From the inside of ring, remove the turf, plantings and obstacles. If the base stones are 4 inches deep, dig 4 inches. Fire pit stones should be placed in a circle with a diameter of 48 inches. Spread a level layer of sand over the pit area. Use large rocks to create a ring around the perimeter of the sand. The weight of this first row should keep them stable. Space second row of stones, staggering the joints and suitable stones by compliant rocks.

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Do not build higher than 12 inches. As fire pit wall is built, the areas between the stones filled with small pieces of stone and filled with mortar. Building a side of the pit a little higher than others will help funnel smoke upward. Please complete firepit stone with about 6 inches of gravel. Line the inside of the fire pit walls with a thick steel ring. Mesh screen lid to place over the burning fire of your fire pit safer by helping contain burning embers.

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