DIY Monorail Lighting Ideas

Apr 9th
Wall Mounted Monorail Lighting

Monorail lighting has a system art light design that customizable by configuring the lighting depends on personal taste. It has low-voltage with single circuit system, while two conductor rails are available in lengths of four and eight-foot. The lighting system is usually used to become task or accent lighting. The xenon or halogen bulbs are used to operate the systems. Molding monorails by hand – You are able to mold the monorail by your direct hand into a shape that best fits your preferences. It is bendable easily by using hand to a minimum 12 inches radius. Straight and geometric shapes can also be achieved using connectors of L and T.

Do-it-yourself monorail kits by using the available on the market that provide everything you would need in order to be able to launch your own project. Well, this is except for the real light fixtures that actually. The very first thing to consider would be the drop amount below the ceiling where is the installation of the monorail. In order to suspend the monorail, you should have to use either aircraft cable or a rigid rod. You will need to form it to the desired shape before suspending the monorail.

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A second transformer may be required regarding to power source. The rails are rated for a maximum output of 600 watts at 24 volts or 300 watts at 12 volts. However, if the amount of wattages of the bulbs that connected exceeds the transformer wattage, then a second transformer is going to be required. There are advantages of monorail lighting like flexibility, enhancing your home in an appealing value.

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