Crochet Mens Bedroom Slippers

Aug 21st
Crochet Mens Bedroom Slippers Leather

Mens bedroom slippers – You can make these slippers, even if you are a beginner crocheted, as you only need to know how to make a chain stitch and double crochet. Measure your foot from heel to the big toe from the outside past the baby toe. Make a loop at the end of the strand of yarn. Enter a size H crochet hook. Make a line of points in the chain until it is until the measure you took from your mouth.

Turn the work and make a double crochet stitch in the fourth chain from the hook. Double crochet all the way through the chain until you reaches the last point on the line. Make three chains, then double crochet in the second point from the end of the line. Double crochet all the way through the piece at the end of the line for mens bedroom slippers.

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Continue to make file double crochet until the rectangle mens bedroom slippers  is the correct size. Cut off the wire from the coil, leaving a tail of 12 inches, and the pull wire through the last point to secure a knot. Thread the needle thread in a different matching thread. Sew the top edge open meet halfway toe to heel. Create a second liner in the same way as the first.

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