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Jul 22nd
Bohemian Bedroom Kids Bedrooms Ideas

Bohemian bedroom – Although began as a fashion trend, there are elements of this style easily integrated into the bedroom design for a casual look, nonetheless stuck together and creates a distinct, original appearance. Patterns add complexity to a room without the clutter it up. Part of the charm of bohemian chic involves assembling the piecemeal, and using a variety of patterns adds to that end. In order to ensure that the patterns do not fight, selects patterns which are in a neutral or complementary range, and keep the device simple. The bedspread, blanket and pillowcase gives every opportunity for contrasting patterns.

Rough wood textures add an old-fashioned, unpolished look to a room, which is an important part of smart bohemian bedroom aesthetic. Look for old wooden furniture and use a fine-grained sandpaper to wear spots such as corners and edges. The fine-grained sandpaper to create a worn look without making the furniture seems too decrepit. You can simply around the edge of the wood furniture, or you can rub down to the grain to a contrasting rough wood look.

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Texture is an important element in smart bohemian bedroom look, and fabric on the walls gives you a well-worn, comfortable texture to work with. For example, hang blankets on the walls to a thick, coarse, textured look, or hang silk banners or Saris on the wall for a smooth, rich look. Frame small squares of brocade fabric to create a colorful, artistic expression.

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