3 Easy Steps How to Refinish Kitchen Cabinets

Apr 19th
Refinish Kitchen Cabinets Photos
Refinish Kitchen Cabinets Photos

Do you want to know how to refinish kitchen cabinets to do it yourself? Just follow these 3 easy steps as guidelines for brand new look cabinets on a budget. It takes a long article in telling the steps how to do refinishing cabinets. Well, I am making it shorter and easy to understand, though. Check these out!

Remove old finish, prepare the surface through stripping which later then apply sanding. Let make them all in a well order, shall we?

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Stripping – Old varnish can be stripped off using special product that removes paint and varnish. Park’s Furniture Refinisher is great to help you in doing the job. Use it to rub the wood until getting the desired result. This step is a messy one, so do it outside by removing the doors from cabinets.

Sanding – Not getting the stripping step that meets your desired result? Here we go with sanding. Sanding to bare wood using Orbital Sander will help you in this step. Well, just by spending around $70, you can get a descent power sander at local stores. It is not recommended in using a pad sander unless for a final smoothing step.

Finishing – Have you got the desired result? Then last step is to refinish it. There are several options to choose from. A cherry stain & 2 polyurethane coats or a minwax coat are great. Apply them by using a foam brush.

Light sanding is best to apply between the coats using 400 grit. Right after getting coat degloss, apply steel wood and little bit of wax for the final coating. This is only applicable if you choose gloss oil based coat.

NOTE: Wear a respirator mask and other items that commonly professionals used to use. We have done refinishing our old cabinets and you can see the result on before and after picture. Give a try!

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